Personal Training & Performance - Performance Project





This program is designed for the athlete looking to:
● Develop strength, speed, and explosive power. 
● Overcome a plateau in their performance or current training routine.
● Introduce more variability and specificity to their program.
● Earn more playing time.
● Maintain peak conditioning throughout the competitive season

Benefits of intentional training include:

1. Increased maximal strength
2. Decreased incidence of non-contact related injuries
3. Increased tendon stiffness
4. Increased bone density
5. Decrease in fat mass
6. Increased work capacity
7. Improve change of direction efficiency

Performance Session: Inquire about availability and cost.
Strength and Conditioning programs available upon request.



This program is designed for the weekend warrior or older adult looking to improve their overall fitness, develop more consistency and clarity with their movement and training, looking to age gracefully, and strategies and programs to make training more enjoyable.

Personal Training: Inquire about availability and cost.

All Performance Project programs start with an initial comprehensive assessment to to identify individual needs and to develop a baseline for tracking development. After establishing an understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances we develop and implement a tailored program to optimize your performance and fitness.
Programs Include:

● Key ways to monitor training volume
● Education on load management
● Strategies to optimize recovery
● Movement and mobility preparation.

Performance Project's training system focuses on movement patterns and not movement parts. We want you to be prepared to overcome the rigors of your sport, activity, and life; not just within the gym. Look no further for accountability from a professional who ultimately cares and wants to provide every resource you need to reach your goals in the most enjoyable and safe way.

It's time to take ownership, TODAY. Train to ADAPT. Train to EVOLVE. Train to REVIVE.