Preventative Health - Performance Project



Healthy but still feel unprepared for the demands of your sport(s)? Are you a parent but worried that your child could sustain an injury in the future and aren't sure where to begin? Adolescent injuries are at an all time HIGH.

Injuries are impossible to predict and once environments are unpredictable there will always be an inherent risk for possible injury. But through proper training you can reduce the risk for injury and avoid the rehab process altogether.



It starts with TRUST and you can't build trust without active listening and understanding what VALUE we can
provide for you. We take the time to understand YOU and YOU(r) training. Injury prevention is not a one size
fits all approach and we develop a systematic plan based off these factors to guide the training program:


● Sport Classification
● Sport Demands
● Position Demands
● Qualities of the Athlete
● Pattern of Injuries


Performance Project Uses A Multifaceted Approach Starting With


Comprehensive movement analysis.


Identification of RELEVANT imbalances, asymmetries, dysfunctional movement patterns


Implementation of a tailored program encompassing:


Strength is the vehicle that drives all athletic performance and underpins many physical
attributes. Strength programs are the most effective at reducing injuries alone.


We help teach you how to control and use your body in space through coordinated training with appropriate

bodyweight loads at the right speeds of movement and at the right end ranges.


Explore biomechanics and motor learning and find unique solutions to movement. Be confident about knowinghow your body moves and the interactions that must take place to elevate to the next level. Skills coupleperception and action and many programs fail to induce errors. Nobody learns to walk without falling down first.


Get creative and explore the corners of your movement potential. Move efficiently and effectively in a variety of different planes though a variety of different patterns through a variety of different tasks. There are not bad movements, only the movements you are not prepared for.We desire to build relationships with you and your children. We want the training process to be FUN and for them to experience JOY developing their craft.

“Based on the extant literature, it appears there may be no substitute for greater muscular
strength when it comes to improving an individual’s performance across a wide range of both
general and sport specific skills while simultaneously reducing their risk of injury when
performing these skills.”

The Importance of Muscular Strength in Athletic Performance-2016.