PT In A Gym - The Model - Performance Project


We believe this innovative physical therapy (PT) model provides you with the highest value and control of your outcomes. We also believe it is the future of healthcare and we are excited to be one of many across the country using this same model.


As a patient; your time is the most important currency; but that can not come at the cost of value. Insurance companies should not be responsible for so many parameters of the treatment you receive and have access to. When insurance companies are involved TIME goes UP and VALUE goes down.


We work as a fee for service out of network provider. Payment is due on the same date of service. We do not directly bill your insurance but we will gladly provide you with the necessary documentation and assistance to submit the claim to your insurance yourself. Performance Project can not guarantee reimbursement. In the traditional rehab model with in-network benefits that accepts your insurance it is very likely that you will be limited with the amount of time you can be seen by a physical therapist on your initial evaluation. Can you imagine wanting to discuss your medical history, current symptoms, movement limitations, training history, goals, and more in under 15 minutes. I dare say that is nearly impossible to listen, understand, and connect with someone on all those parameters in such little time.


On your subsequent encounters, likely 2-3x per week for 6-8 weeks. You may have a copay between $20-$50, out of your pocket, each visit. It is also worth noting that most of your follow up appointments will not be supervised one-on-one by a doctor of physical therapy, but rather support staff. Support staff that did not connect with you on your initial evaluation. Support staff that does not have the knowledge base or understanding of your symptoms and limitations.


Here's a similar scenario that Danny Matta uses on his website. You choose which one:

Scenario A: Traditional Model

3x per week for 6 weeks= 18 Visits
$30 copay x 18 visit= $540
18 visit at one hour each session= 18 hours

Remember, time is the most important currency.
Keep in mind this scenario doesn't even consider if you have met your deductible which could be as high as
$3,000 depending on your plan.


Scenario B: CashPT Model

1x per week for 5 weeks= 5 Visits

5 visit package: $500
5 visits at one hour each session= 5 hours


Please do not undervalue insurance. It provides stability during those "IF" moments. IF you end up in the hospital. IF you have surgery. With that said, we would love to work with you during and throughout your post-operative rehab; especially during your transition to return to sport and activity. Performance Project is committed to finding the most cost effective treatment while still providing exceptional value to you.If we feel our model does not best serve you across all parameters of cost, value, and time we will find the right provider for you.


Our model is created for you YOU. We aim to provide timely and appropriate care. We understand that this model gives you A TON of responsibility for taking control of your health, but you must understand that with great responsibility comes great possibility. Our model desires to avoid any and all unnecessary over treatment. Care is YOU centered and not $ centered. No more letting insurance dictate the treatment you deserve